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Major Certification Corporate Research Institute
Quality Certification IA-TF16949, ISO14001, HKMC SQ
Intellectual Property Rights 10 patents, 4 trade mark rights, 5 design rights


  • Environmental Management System Certificate
  • Certificate of Corporate R&D Center
  • IATF 16949:2016
  • SQ certificate

Intellectual Property Rights

No. Type Title of Patent Application Date of Registration Registration No.
8 Patent Intelligent power module and its power drive module '17.07.11 1017588080000
7 Patent Semiconductor power module with stray inductance attenuation frame structure '16.11.25 1016814990000
6 Patent Power semiconductor module '16.10.14 3008775160000
5 Patent Power control module with stray inductance attenuable bus bar structure '14.09.11 1014413360000
4 Patent Power switching device with current sensing capability '13.10.02 1013165710000
3 Patent Power semiconductor module '11.10.18 3006180730000
2 Patent Connection structure between circuit board and lead frame of voltage regulator for automotive generator '08.01.30 1008015020000
1 Design Terminal for circuit board '07.02.16 3004413310000