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Quality Environment Policy

iA Powertron Co., Ltd. has been accumulating new technology with the spirit of ‘creative spirit’ under its slogan of ‘dedication of effort, honesty, service’ and an emphasis on future-oriented attitude, customer-first approach and respect for human that have been the guiding philosophy behind our business. Based on that, we bring complete customer satisfaction with the highest quality in whole processes of development, production, sales and service of products, prevent environmental contamination and proceed with environment-friendly business activities through constant preservation of natural environment, and to that end, make announcement as follows:

Quality Environment Policy

Quality and Environmental Management as Top Priority

Employees give the highest priority to the efforts to develop best quality products and minimize potential environmental impact in entire processes encompassing the development, manufacture, sales, service and disposal of products.

Management of Quality & Environmental Management and Objective

Quality, environmental policies and objectives should be based on autonomous goals of compliance to bring nothing less than complete customer satisfaction and observance of environmental laws/regulations based on fundamental and precautionary measures to prevent problems. Best efforts should be made to maintain comfortable environment and preserve the Earth environment by preventing injury and property damage and minimizing the use of natural resources.

Constant Management of Quality and Environmental Performance

We make constant efforts to improve quality and environment management in parallel with constant performance management that analyzes and evaluates the performance through regular check and inspection.

Education, Training and Communication

All employees pursue customer satisfaction, high quality, and cost-appropriateness, plan and implement education and training vital for maintaining pleasant environment and safe workplace, providing support and cooperation to ensure that stakeholders recognize the quality and environment-related capabilities of our company and that required information can be shared.

Our company pursues to make the high quality and environment culture take root so as to turn itself into an a global leader, maps out and implements the quality environment objectives, and develop and apply new technologies to spur growth and development of company, nation, and society.

May 1, 2018 CEO Chan-Ho

The requirements of IATF 16949 are as follows. Corporate Responsibility

Does the organization implement the Employee Code of Conduct and Ethics Policy (“Whistle-Blowing Policy”) to ensure high standard business ethics and social and environmental performance of the supply chain?

5.2.1 Establishment of Quality Policy

Does the organization establish, implement, and maintain a quality control policy that considers the followings

a) Support for strategic courses in a way that suits the objectives and situation of the organization.

b) Provide a framework for setting quality objectives

c) Commitment to meeting applicable requirements

d) Commitment to continuous improvement of quality management system

5.2.2 Quality Policy Communication

Are the quality policies managed as follows?

a) Available and maintained as documented information

b) Communicated, understood and applied within organization

c) If applicable, available for concerned stakeholders

The requirements related to ISO 14001 are as follows.

5.2 Environmental Policy

Chief Executive Officer should establish, implement and maintain the environmental policies as below within applicable range of the environmental management system of the organization.

a) Suitable for the objectives and circumstances of the organization, including the nature, scale and environmental impacts of the organization’s activities, products and services

b) A framework should be provided for setting environmental goals.

c) The commitment to environmental protection should be included, including other specific commitment to prevention of contamination and other specific commitment related to situations of the organization.
Remark: ‘Other specific commitment’ for environmental protection may include sustainable use of resources, climate change mitigation & adaptation, and protection of biodiversity and ecosystems.

d)The commitment to fulfilling the compliance obligations of the organization should be included.

e)The commitment to continuous improvement of environmental management system should be included to ensure improvement of environmental performance.
The environmental policy should be as follows:
- Maintained as documented information.
- Communicated within the organization